"KERABOSS" The New Mighty Partner for Rent a Car Professionals, both within and outside Greece.


The “KERABOSS” is a powerful and ultimate “tool” for “Rent a Car” professionals, especially those who are not followers, who stand out and always innovate with their entrepreneurial instinct, avoiding competition by trying to stay one step ahead of the masses.

This can be delivered only by the totally UNIQUE, ROBUST, and EXHILARATING “KERABOSS” vehicles, there are no others like them!

By adding the Greek car “KERABOSS” to your vehicle fleet, you provide your tourist-customers with the opportunity to experience the Exciting summer madness and different holidays. Creating beautiful and unique memories for them with the distinctive “KERABOSS” cars that they don’t have in the routine of their daily lives.

During the past summer, on the islands we visited, some “Rent a Car” businesses so they could see the “KERABOSS” car live, we witnessed the excitement of the tourists when they suddenly saw it in front of them.

The Rent a Car companies, for on-the-spot “tests,” asked their customers if they liked it and if they would rent it for their vacations. The customers enthusiastically started asking if there were any available to rent immediately!

Leverage the power of "KERABOSS" and invest in success!

Make the best decision by choosing “KERABOSS” that will “justify” your choice! With its exceptional business performance.

Just as it “justified” the choice of those who already selected it on the island of Kos, where it made its successful debut last summer. With their business foresight, they managed to incorporate it into their fleet during the past season. “KERABOSS” showed them its value. It proved to be – as they themselves confirmed – the most profitable vehicle in their fleet, setting records in rental days and rent prices.

Away and Above competition!

The distinctive appearance of “KERABOSS”, in combination with the limited number of cars produced, will always make it a unique and uncommon product. It’s not in competition among Rent a Car professionals because the cars will always be few due to its handmade construction and limited production.

“KERABOSS” is your loyal friend and partner who will never betray you for all the years you use it as a tool for your business.

And because “KERABOSS” is for 365 days, you will also spend your own winter holidays with it.

Resistant to the ravages of time - Always like new

The manufacturing materials, such as its polyester body and galvanized chassis, are corrosion-resistant, do not decay, and remain nearly unscathed from seawater salt. Offering longevity and minimal maintenance concern. This is an additional advantage that makes KERABOSS vehicles ideal for rental offices on islands.


"Transform" it as and when you wish.

The cabriolet, with its unique design, allows for various “transformations” depending on your desires.

The front hood opens in two levels, half or full, and the rear window (soft top) folds, creating an incredible turbo airflow.

At the rear deck, people can sit and enjoy their coffee or snacks.

The seats are both reclining and fold down in front, where you can lean back and stretch out along the length of the car at any moment you want to relax or enjoy a beautiful evening or the stars.

Furthermore, in stages, if you wish, the doors, the canopy, and the hood can be detached, turning it into a Super Cabrio with Roll Bars for the ultimate “Summer Edition.”

Factory advanced manufacture in the category of "Limited Edition" cars.

Its distinctive appearance, combined with the limited number of cars produced, categorizes it as a “Limited Edition” vehicle, as we’ve already mentioned, they will always be few, without creating competition among Rent a Car professionals.

The industrially advanced manufacturing method allows us to manufacture them in a relatively short period, always maintaining the proportions of their handmade construction, and with proper and timely planning, we can deliver them quite soon.

If you wish to learn more, on the FAQ page, you will find even more answers to questions you may have. Or you can call us, and we will respond immediately to any questions you may have. 

Technical Information




Μ1 passenger vehicle


Transmission system

Capacity / Power HP: 1000cc/ 72HP
Fuel/lt. fuel capacity: gazoline/32lt

Automatic & semi automatic, Kick Down

Brakes-Electronic systems


ESP (electronic stability programme )
HAS (hill start assist )
ABS (anti-lock braking system )
ASC (acceleration skid control )
Disk brakes front
Rear drum                           

Length (mm): 3375
Width (mm): 1560
Height (mm): 1590
Wheelbase (mm): 2150

Available by Order