KERABOSS delivers exactly what it promises, without ever advertising something it can not achieve.

KERABOSS is a new car and not another one!

This was the dominant criterion for the conception and realization of the KERABOSS SUPER K
To be unique, to stand out from all other cars and in this way making the driver / owner felling unique, happy and special.
Our basic principle is to deliver something that will be different, stand out and will not be compared.
We never built something that already existed and could be made by a mass production factory.
So our purpose was not to build a vehicle that would be added to the rest. More or less almost everything exists on mass production scale and that is the job of the mass production factories.
KERABOSS special appearance, driving pleasure, supreme torsional rigidity, unique brakes, incredible stability, perfect and intentional simplicity, challenges you to acquire it and not being able to separate with.
Its military style is timeless.
The very special cabrio design, allows various “transformations”, depending on your mood.
Front hood can be opened in 2 stages, half or full, and the rear soft top folds creating an incredible turbo flow of natural air.
You can sit on the rear side of the vehicle enjoying your coffee or snack.
The seats are reclining or fall in front allowing you to lean on and lie along the entire length of the car, at some point you want to rest or enjoy a nice sunset or even the stars.
In addition to all, the doors, the cabin and the soft top can be removed, for a Super Cabrio with Roll Bars look for the ultimate Summer Edition.
It is a completely different vehicle, built to live with it in any way you wish.
It moves around a completely different sphere, compared to everyday cars
For daily pleasures that will take your mind away for the daily routine.
This is KERABOSS goal. To deliver a unique and exhilarating Lifestyle, that makes its owner always special.
KERABOSS is the flavor missing from our lives, what we are always looking for, casual, exciting, the element that makes life different. Life doesn’t wait for, you must live and enjoy every moment of it, that was our inspiration.
KERABOSS SUPER K is a vehicle for all seasons, perfect, modern, timeless, which will make its driver and owner feel, apart from being safe, unique and special.
KERABOSS special appearance, in relation to the limited number of cars produced, ranks it in the category of “Limited Edition” vehicles.

Technical Information




Μ1 passenger vehicle


Transmission system

Capacity / Power HP: 1000cc/ 72HP
Fuel/lt. fuel capacity: gazoline/32lt

Automatic & semi automatic,

Brakes-Electronic systems


ESP (electronic stability programme )
HAS (hill start assist )
ABS (anti-lock braking system )
ASC (acceleration skid control )
Disk brakes front
Rear drum

Length (mm): 3375
Width (mm): 1560
Height (mm): 1590
Wheelbase (mm): 2150

Available by Order

Photo Credits by Keraboss, Thanasis Karatzas, 4TROXOI, NEWSAUTO