Provided that you have read the information given on the previous pages of our website, in order to enter the philosophy of “KERABOSS” vehicles, below are some short answers to questions that someone interested in the KERABOSS may have.
If, however, you have a question that we do not answer in the list below or on the entire website , please contact us and we will give you the answer.

It is the forefront car manufacturing company, that manufactures the passenger vehicles “KERABOSS SUPER K ”, the first Greek car, officially released, approved and certified by the Greek state.
Our history in the automotive field, which begins in 1966, can be seen on the page “History” .
KERABOSS CARS MANUFACTURING, for the manufacture of its vehicles, cooperates with many Greek industries, crafts, small manufacturers, etc., each with the appropriate know-how and expertise in their field.

KERABOSS is the first Greek car officially released. It is not a car based on a conversion of another vehicle or assembly using another existing manufacturer’s chassis – frame.
KERABOSS has its own international manufacturer chassis and VIN number and is a new vehicle.
KERABOSS is a new automotive brand and is manufactured in Greece with pride.

KERABOSS is something similar to the jeans type trousers, that you wear in all seasons and for all occasions.
With a blazer for an official event, with a t- shirt for a walk, with a swimsuit for the beach, washed out, as long as you both are stylish. So KERABOSS is a special Lifestyle vehicle for special people.
It has a timeless military character, that keeps it always up to date.
The ” KERABOSS SUPER K” , it is a NEW car and not one more car. When you get one, you enter into a completely different world, exciting lifestyle, freedom, youth, driving pleasure. Made to live with it 365 days a year.

KERABOSS is a limited production and hand-built car.
It is made from the most expensive materials, such as fiberglass, which is used, among other things, for supercars boats, yachts and Nasa.
Its fiberglass body and galvanized frame – chassis, make it almost unscathed by the sea salts in the islands and gives to it multiple resistance.
It can be repaired simply and quickly by anyone with basic knowledge of fiberglass.
The limited number of cars produced in relation to its manufacturing nature, ranks it to the “Limited Edition” vehicles.

It has well-known and tested technology, no commitment with hard-to-find spare parts.
It uses the Mitsubishi 1.0 l (1000 cc) 3B21 engine , the well-known and super durable engine, which has also been used in the generation of the smart 451 (the most famous global model), from which it also has the same electronic parts, with the necessary modifications.
This means that if you are not in Athens to bring it to the KERABOSS base , it can be repaired anywhere in Greece and the world, in specialized workshops or workshops familiar with the specific technology.
Its consumables can be found anywhere either genuine or aftermarket in all price range.
It is also built in a way that allows repairs and changes of consumables to be done in the easiest way for mechanics by giving them easy access. KERABOSS are hand built cars that are produced in Limited numbers per year and are required by law to carry slightly used engines, and they have 2 years warranty for their good operation.

There are a thousand reasons, but the most important is because you like it, and it suits you!.
Because you are and feel like a special person and it helps you with that!.
Because it is a lifetime vehicle!.
If for you the KERABOSS is not the “most beautiful” car in the world, then you are not suitable for it.

Its dynamic appearance and military design character refer to off road vehicle.
The electronic systems, such as anti-spin , help it cope with difficult roads (not extreme conditions) and of course also gives the pleasure of an off road ride and fun.
However, regardless of whether it copes, it is not special built as an off-road vehicle. Whoever wants to make such use of it, it is necessary to have the appropriate driving knowledge.

KERABOSS is more stable than even the most well “setup” racing cars, with top torsional rigidity, with unique driving behavior and enjoyment, with amazing brakes and incredible stability.

With the All Terrain 205/70/R15 tyres it has better shock absorption and goes through rough roads more easily and smoothly

A driving demonstration will convince you, confirming your desire to own it.

Simple care and love are needed and regularity in services, such as every 7,000 km or once a year to change the oils and filters.

It is made for a lifetime!

KERABOSS are handmade vehicles and are built under order, in the color and look you want such as long cabin, short cabin , and others. However, when the desire to buy immediately comes up to you, you can ask us, because there may be some available for immediate purchase at that time.

Like all vehicles. We cooperate with leading insurance companies and you can receive it insured with full coverage and at the best prices.

At the moment the final retail price in Greece (after taxes and VAT) of KERABOSS is €26,800. Which means that it is the most economical vehicle in its category, handmade, factory built, fiberglass, vehicle across the planet.

You can see them in the place we have maintained since 1975 and where all was born. At, 19 Vrilissou str., PO Box 11476, Athens

Of course, you can. It is our honor and our pleasure that KERABOSS, the first Greek car to be officially released, running on European roads and beyond.

And FINALLY we tell you, KERABOSS delivers exactly what it promises, without ever advertising something it can’t achieve….
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