Exclusive: We drive the Greek Super K by Keraboss

Giorgos Sargiannidis (gsar@newsauto.gr), Photos: Giorgos Svolopoulos

We sat behind the wheel of the Super K Keraboss, which received official type approval, and proudly drove around with the Greek number plates on the city’s public roads.

The news of the first Greek car in Greece may have surprised us in recent days, but for Pavlos and Stella Kerabos it was a result that came after thought, passion and endless perseverance .

newsauto didn’t waste a moment and got in touch with the company to talk and drive the car that is manufactured and assembled entirely on Greek soil, named KERABOSS SUPER K.

8 years “stuck” in the bureaucracy

As soon as we arrived at the offices of Keraboss Cars Manufacturing , three different Super Ks were waiting for us outside  , while the phones did not stop ringing with interested parties from all over the world. The short conversation with Pavlos Kerambos (we were in a hurry to drive the Super K) was for the purpose of general information on the car and how the Super K treats it like… his child. This was shown by how his face lit up every time he mentioned his first creation that gets approval from the Greek Ministry of Transport and is released legally with Greek certifications .

On the other hand, Pavlos’ wife, Stella Kerabos, is the immovable force of the company, with her mind trained every second on how the good can be made even better. In fact, we discussed how difficult it is for a car to pass all the relevant certifications and how many days and nights were spent to complete the Super K project, which was “stuck” in government bureaucracy for… 8 years

It is known that in Greece, bureaucracy is what will make you even miss your goal. According to Pavlos, the only reason not enough people managed to go all the way and produce a Greek car is because they lacked patience and perseverance

Undoubtedly, Super K does not go unnoticed

Everything has been designed with practicality in mind and the passengers’ pleasure

Just before we move on to the interior and our driving experience, the exterior design is special, but completely practical. Everything has been designed with the aim of facilitating and… having a good time for both the passengers and the owner. Its length reaches 3,375 meters , its width 1,560 meters and its height 1,590 meters, while the wheelbase is 2,150 meters. Despite its appearance and generous ground clearance, the car is not characterized as an off-road animal, but as an island car .

More specifically, it is made of polyester with the chassis being galvanized. These materials are not affected by humidity and sea salt and require very little maintenance. Thus, the construction method and the materials of Keraboss, make it suitable for the islands and professionals in the rental area (rent a car).

The roof is removable.

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