We drive the Greek “jeep” Keraboss Super K, with the “Kathimerini” of Kyriaki

“K” Kathimerini , 4TROXOi

The “Greek car” case is very old – and rather painful. The handmade “Keraboss Super K” by Keraboss Cars Manufacturing projects, in the still cloudy manufacturing landscape of our country, like a bright ray of hope and optimism.

Let’s not laugh. The biggest obstacle so far to the manufacturing of a simple-to-understand, affordable and practical “Greek car” for everyday use has certainly not been limited talent or the absence of know-how, but the few obstacles related to the lack of funding and the small domestic market size. In addition, there are also the innumerable restrictions of the Greek state and the almost dystopian legislation that has characterized the automotive industry for many years. However, something has changed!

Thanks to the vision and perseverance of Pavlos Kerabos and his wife, Stella, the dream of the first “made in Greece” car is now a reality and with the seal of the Greek state. And this is because the Keraboss Super K, a Greek-made “jeep-like” vehicle that is born by hand with great care at the facilities of Keraboss Cars Manufacturing, can now circulate “freely” on the roads of our country, bearing license plates and all the necessary certifications for use on a public road.

As is obvious, it is clearly not a mass-produced vehicle that is manufactured with the help of a large number of staff in a high-tech factory in the West or the East, but a humble project that takes shape in Greece, with a lot of work, within small facilities, where the personal work of the people who imagined it and traditional manufacturing methods have the first say.

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