The Greek Keraboss Super K got approval

After many years of efforts, the made in Greece car you see has all the certifications to circulate freely on Greek roads.

Keraboss Super K received type approval and opens up the landscape for highlighting similar efforts and promoting Greek entrepreneurship.

With an off-road design, the length of the body is 3.37 meters, while there are versions with two or four seats. The KERABOSS SUPER K are handmade, their body is made of fiberglass, the chassis is galvanized and for their creation, the company cooperates with many Greek crafts (respectively small manufacturers).

The vehicle’s movement is handled by a 1,000 cc engine. with a power of 72 hp. As mentioned in the MOIK legislation. Its construction method and materials make it a suitable vehicle for the islands and rent a car professionals. The construction materials, such as the fiberglass body, the galvanized chassis, remain almost unscathed by sea salt and live almost forever, with little maintenance.

Until our detailed report, let us remind you that since 2008, Keraboss has started and completed the built of fully functional prototype vehicles. In 2014, the Official law scheme of the Ministry of Transport was issued for its construction.

At the same time, there was a request to the Ministry of Finance, for appropriate legislative/tax regulation for the vehicles of the small series production M.O.I.K. (Individual Vehicles of Special Construction). The issuance of license plates by the Ministry of Transport was completed in September 2019 and the Region of Attica issued the plates in 2022.

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