Road Trip Series with #KERABOSS : An Ultimate Travel Experience – Destination city of NAFPLIO

“…….With KERABOSS consistently accompanying us, providing guidance at every stage of our journey, the road transformed into an ‘endless path’ of driving pleasure, and our adventure became a perpetual sensation of joy and youthful freedom…”

Summer Escape to the Dreamy Nafplio with KERABOSS!

It’s a sweet Friday afternoon of summer, filled with excitement, energy, and anticipation as we get ready for our journey to the enchanting Nafplio. Our bags are brimming with energy and eagerness, and KERABOSS, our faithful ‘wanderlust’ companion, is waiting for us to embark on this beautiful and delightful journey together.

The thought of Nafplio, with its stunning Bourtzi, and the enjoyable drive with KERABOSS, makes the hours pass by quickly.

As soon as we arrive in Nafplio, the first sight that greets us is Palamidi, this imposing and historic fortress that stands dominantly, embracing the entire city. We continue through the city’s streets, passing by aristocratic buildings of captivating architecture, wandering through the alleys adorned with flowers in the windows, and taking in the view of the sea.

There, on the beach, awaits the widely photographed Bourtzi, where we too rush to capture the thousands of photos we always take with KERABOSS. This time, we chose the ‘Desert Storm’ color because it matches the hues of the castles and the overall landscape.

Nafplio!, where you exude joy, happiness, and a radiant history. The first capital of Greece, with a unique charm, they don’t call you the ‘Paris of Greece’ by chance.

We began our tour from the square where the statue of the Great and Glorious Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias stands and continued towards the highest points of Nafplio, its castles. Palamidi and Acronafplia, which boast a rich history and breath-taking panoramic views that leave you breathless.

We got off KERABOSS, just for a short while, to enjoy a swim in the crystal-clear blue waters of Arvanitia, at the walls of Acronafplia, and later at Karathona Beach with its beautiful sandy shore and warm sea.

KERABOSS was always parked under the vigilant watch of Palamidi.

With KERABOSS constantly remaining by our side, guiding us through every step of our journey, the road transformed into an ‘endless track’ of driving pleasure, and our trip into a continuous sense of enjoyment and youthful freedom.

With memories filled with images and colours, and our hearts brimming with love, wishes, and the pride of the world, especially the locals, for the Greek car that they joyfully and suddenly saw in their city of Nafplio, we leave a piece of our hearts here, with the promise to return again and again…

The KERABOSS car is not just a means of transportation. It’s a way of life.

The KERABOSS we chose for this journey is the ‘Desert Storm Edition.’

Below you can find our complete trip, presented in brief and enjoyable videos that will make you feel like you were right there with us.

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