Pavlos Keraboss – Article by Stratis Hatzipanagiotou 4 TROXOI

Article by Stratis Hatzipanagiotou 4 TROXOI

An old-fashioned male, honest, creative and a friend… But what is the secret that keeps him unchanged, despite the passage of time?

I met Pavlos many years ago through our mutual friend Manolis – RON – Halivelakis. Different, but also with a lot in common, connected mainly to the forgotten concept of friendship, which characterizes old-fashioned males, as they both are.

Pavlos Kerambos: Mr Mini Cabrio

Pavlos has created on various levels, and is still creating. Today, traveling into his seventh decade, this restless guy, who translates the madness of the impossible into creative passion, has found the magic elixir to keep him going. Timelessly with projects far ahead of their time, and if the perfectly “cut” Mini was once a point of reference, today the Keraboss Super K is a wider challenge .

Handmade with the right “fragrance”, and it is the choice of the creators, Pavlos and his wife Stella, that each one has a distinctive difference from the other. Beyond color and equipment. Same specifications, unchanging character with trump quality, but look and you won’t find the difference in detail, their choice that betrays the “personal” nature of the venture.


He was born in an E – T ype, lived in MK2s and today he is “upset” that he doesn’t have time to enjoy his special well kept Harley and Lotus 7. In ‘wide back’ version, and special editions have always been his favourites. They characterized his style, and if you met him in his prime, at the age of 35-45-55, you understood that you have in front of you a man with taste. Particular. He didn’t want to provoke, he didn’t care what impression he created and it was enough for him to like his image, a mirror of his soul. Pavlos Kerabos, in absolute balance with himself, a giving person and in emotions, which his personal special path in life also shows.

In parallel with the creatively Perfect Path, in high-risk professional exercises.


Mrs. Kerabos without a number, which does not suit her, being unique, does not hold a knife (it is a Greek expression). But she handles the screwdriver and the fiberglass cutters with mastery, just like her “makeup tools”. In perfect coordination with her man, deeply in love with his intelligence, with the kindness they have in common. With an undefined and unmeasurable style, and Pavlos may paint alone and abstractly, but the key, in their creative and constructive effort, is Stella.

Human 1/2, since he knows very well how to build the Buggy , promote it and sell it. With swagger and aggressiveness, since he knows exactly what he’s doing, while they know the value of their effort, which would be brilliant even in flight, in another, really advanced country.

Without the entanglements of our own, the Greek system of suspicion, when everything is honest and wholesome.

Like in a fairy tale

The story of Pavlos in general, and of Stella and Pavlos in particular and in this context. Unfortunately, no Greek dragon emerges to generate interest in the rally grab, so it’s the relatively high final price, as with anything in limited production, that limits it to the rental market. It is offered for our islands, for the city and the countryside, for the mountains and the valleys, of course it is enough to overcome the insecurities and stupidities of the executives of the state machine, so that it “achieves” a competitive price.

The truth is, a competitive proposal does not arise, and we are looking for the courageous government official who will place it in the right position, in the right frame, as well as Providing Services to Greek Tourism._ S. X.

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