NewsAuto: This is the first car manufactured and assembled entirely in Greece with type approval and the relevant certifications.

Which means the Keraboss Super K can register and therefore get license plates for the roads.
The Super K is an off-road style car that will be offered in two-seater and four-seater body versions, made of fiberglass with a galvanized chassis.
These materials are not affected by humidity and sea salt and require very little maintenance. Thus, the construction method and materials of the Keraboss, make it a suitable vehicle for the islands and professionals in the rent a car sector.
The Super K ranks among the limited series of special manufactured vehicles. It will be available upon order.
The project of the Keraboss Cars Manufacturing company started in 2008 and in 2014 the report of its construction was issued in the relevant gazette so that the illustrated off-road style vehicle can be legally driven on Greek roads with number plates issued in the current year. As the relevant legislation also mentions: They are not mass-produced cars, nor are they economic and technical analysis of a mass-produced factory, but this is something that was done for the first time in Greece.

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