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What about Super K? The car manufactured and assembled in Galatsi by the Greek company Keraboss?

Rumor has it that Keraboss has not sold a single car. Those who love the country and those who want Greek entrepreneurship to move forward support the opposite. In fact, Keraboss herself says that the demand has exceeded all her expectations.

It is characteristic that the goal of producing 65 plus vehicles per year , which was initially set, could easily be exceeded. It is enough that the Greek company had entered the development law, in order to ensure cash flow to meet the existing demand.

However, in order for Keraboss to be consistent with its customers, it must first secure the money required to build each car, and then move forward in steady steps.

So, with the proceeds from the sale of each Keraboss, the next Keraboss is built.

For this very reason, its inclusion in the development team is deemed particularly important in order to respond to the great needs required for the realization of a handmade car, mainly in labor, but also expensive components.

In any case, several Kerabosses are already circulating on Greek roads – we already met one in Kolonaki – while important orders have been placed on Greek islands by car rental companies. One such order concerns five Kerabosses from a company in Kos, one of which is already on the island of Hippocrates.

In the next period, another Keraboss Super K vehicle will also travel to Cannes, since its prospective buyer lives there. Super K by Keraboss has been loved by an audience that has appreciated its uniqueness, but also its authenticity, says Stella Kerabos.

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