The woman behind Keraboss – What are the company’s next plans?

By Kostas Chalkiadakis

A woman is hiding behind the first Greek car, which today was presented for the first time in Greece, with the installation of license plates, by the Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Michalis Papadopoulos and the Regional Governor of Attica George Patoulis.

In an atmosphere of intense emotion, Stella Kerabos, a member of the Kerabos family, spoke to Caroto about the efforts made by the Greek company since 2014, which essentially ran this whole project with ” KERABOSS SUPER” . 

Of course, he emphasized that all this effort is based on the expertise and history of the family in the field of cars. Which starts from 1975, by Pavlos Kerabos, one of the oldest car manufacturers and developers in Greece with the largest portfolio of developments, conversions and constructions, as he explained to Caroto.

Stella Kerambos, having dedicated thousands of man-hours to the KERABOSS Project, is excited about today’s optimistic conclusion, which, as she says, comes as a reward for the long-term efforts. She is a great example that the construction of a Greek car is not an exclusive privilege of men. Every bolt on this car has been through Stella! After all, her inspiration is perfectly aligned with the final result.


– It’s a cool car, it’s unique in appearance, it’s young, it’s a car you want to live with, Stella Kerambos tells us. KERABOSS is what was missing from our lives, what we are always looking for, is that something else, the carefree, the exciting, the unique lifestyle, the one that makes life different. Life doesn’t wait, you have to live, every moment and enjoy it, this was our inspiration, says Stella Kerambos characteristically.

In designs and four-wheel drive versions

KERABOSS, is not built to be exclusively off road, although the Look is reminiscent of a Hummer… However. due to its very strong construction, one can go wherever one wants and its electronic systems help it cope. Of course, the immediate plans of the company also include 4×4 versions, but why not also electric vehicles in the distant future, as was emphasized!

“KERABOSS SUPER” is the vehicle of the group, which you will enjoy romantic evenings lying inside the car, thanks to the innovative arrangement of the interior space, as Stella Kerabos shows us in practice. At the same time you can sit on the car without causing any damage.

With Stella, we renewed the appointment at the company’s premises in order to see the family’s workshop live, which despite the difficulties it has encountered continues to envision the next step already.

From our turn, let’s give credit to the initiative of KERABOSS CARS MANUFACTURING who went against the flow of bureaucracy, persisted and made the dream come true! In the next report we will bring you the experience we had driving the first Greek car. Which opens up new horizons in the context of Greek entrepreneurship for new efforts…

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