Built with Character!
Exhilarating Lifestyle!

Keraboss SUPER K

By Keraboss Cars Manufacturing

Another World, another Philosophy and a new Exciting driving experience!.

• Welcome to KERABOSS CARS MANUFACTURING, the pioneer company that manufactures with Pride the first made in Greece vehicles “KERABOSS SUPER K”.

• We invite you to join us in the exciting World and the exhilarating

• Lifestyle of “KERABOSS SUPER K”. To introduce you to its World and Philosophy and of course to show you the unique driving pleasure it delivers.

• In our company we don’t just build a car, what we are doing here is something much bigger. When you buy a KERABOSS vehicle you are entering into a completely different exhilarating lifestyle and a unique driving experience that you will enjoy every moment.

We call it the World of KERABOSS.